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LabLogic User Group overview

10th December 2002

A look at the LabLogic user group held in Orlando, Florida this year

21 CFR 11 Software for PerkinElmer (Packard) FSA Flow Detector Range

1st December 2002

Release of Laura 3.1, chromatography data collection and analysis package compatible with PerkinElmer (Packard) FSA Flow Detector Range.

On Site Software Training now Available

1st November 2002

On site training is now available for LabLogic Software Users

Record B-RAM Sales in August

14th October 2002

B-RAM Model 3 sales hit record numbers - read why.....

LabLogic User Group 2002

27th September 2002

Only 1 week to go - have you registered yet?

International Congress of Neuroendocrinology

6th September 2002

A look back at this years meeting held in Bristol 31st August - 4th September

Announcing the LabLogic User Group 2002

2nd May 2002

The LabLogic User Group 2002 will be held on 24th - 25th October 2002 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, Florida (2 days prior to the ISSX Meeting). Register online now.

New Addition to the LabLogic Team

8th April 2002

LabLogic are pleased to announce that Huw Loaring, Ph.D. has re-joined LabLogic as Product Manager

Gradient Pump Control in Laura 3

20th March 2002

Laura 3 Now Includes Gradient Pump Control

Debra 5.4 Download

18th March 2002

Download Debra 5.4 now, which includes new features such as Electronic Signatures

Release of Debra 5.4

15th January 2002

LabLogic announces the release of Debra 5.4 including new FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Module

LabLogic Represent Biospace Mesures in the UK

1st January 2002

LabLogic Systems Ltd proudly introduce themselves as sole UK suppliers of Biospace Mesures Beta Imager and Micro Imager series"

Laura 3

1st January 2002

LabLogic’s NEW chromatography data collection and analysis package. LabLogic have launched the latest evolution of the successful Laura system - Laura 3


1st January 2002

Over the past few years LabLogic have substantially developed the Seescan package to form an essential part of their integrated family of software for metabolism work. Find out what’s new in this latest release.

ß-RAM Model 3

1st January 2002

LabLogic are pleased to announce the launch of the new ß-RAM Model 3 Radio HPLC Detector which incorporates the latest electronic component technology