MDS Pharma Services upgrades drug metabolism LIMS

6 December 2005

The Montreal facility of drug discovery and development specialist MDS Pharma Services has upgraded to release 5.5.8 of Debra, the leading ADME LIMS from LabLogic Systems.

The laboratory has been using Debra since its pre-Windows (DOS) version more than thirteen years ago, during which Lablogic has

provided enhancements to meet requirements specific to the site. The most recent before the upgrade were an algorithm to

calculate the variability between two aliquots, removing a step that previously had to be performed outside of Debra in Excel;

and an easier means of ordering samples prior to analysis.

“As a contract research organisation, we value the ability of Debra to enhance the speed and accuracy with which we can collect

data,' said DMPK operations manager France Huard. 'As well as the time savings that give us a competitive advantage, we can be

confident that we are producing data of the highest quality for our sponsors, many of whom also use Debra.'

Part of MDS Inc, which employs 9,000 in 25 countries, MDS Pharma Services offers a full spectrum of resources for each stageof the drug discovery and development process, from lead optimization and pre-IND research through to global clinical development.

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