Radio-HPLC cocktail gives best performance at lowest cost

12 December 2005

LabLogic's FlowLogic 1:1 scintillation cocktail for radio-HPLC is specially formulated for an ultra-high sample uptake of 1:1 with most mobile phase solvents, giving the highest counting efficiency available - and at the lowest cost.

Mixing eluants at this ratio means that less cocktail is used and less liquid waste generated at each HPLC run. Typical counting efficiency for 14C and 3H are extremely good.

FlowLogic 1:1 is non-gelling and mixes rapidly to form a clear emulsion suitable for a steady streamline flow at a wide range of HPLC gradients.

It is biodegradable and, subject to advice on dilution rates from the local water company, can sometimes be disposed of down the drain. With low toxicity, a high flash point of 145°C and almost no odour, it is also safe and pleasant to handle.

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