Users have a say in chromatography software development

10 July 2007

LabLogic Systems has created an international Scientific Advisory Committee to contribute to the ongoing development of Laura, its chromatography data collection and analysis system.

Membership includes key users from the industries and application areas where Laura is used - pharmaceutical, contract laboratory and nuclear PET - alongside representatives from IT and QA groups and instrument manufacturers.

Explaining the reasons behind the creation of the Committee, LabLogic managing director Richard Brown said: 'Historically, feedback from our clients has been central to developing Laura because it has helped us to understand the demands placed on users in their day-to-day operations.

'Now the new challenges created by the increasing stringency of both the regulatory climate and application-specific working practices have convinced us that the time is right to put this client input on a more organised basis.

'Creating new functionality in Laura is no problem for our software development team, of course - but the advice of the Committee will be invaluable when there are different options or viewpoints on how a feature should work, because it will give us an insight into how it might be used in a real working situation.'


Richard Clayton, Covance Harrogate

Jon Attwood, Astra Zeneca Charnwood

Helen Woodward, Astra Zeneca Alderley

Chuck Passo, Perkin Elmer (United States)

Farah Shah, GE Healthcare, Hammersmith Imanet

Rob Smith, Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, Cambridge

Gavin Brown, Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, Manchester

Adam McMahon, Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, Manchester

Alistair Millar, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

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