FlowLogic 1:1 scintillation cocktail preferred for radio-HPLC

1 July 2008

A leading CRO recently secured a contract in which the sponsor required the use of Flowlogic 1:1 scintillation cocktail for all radio-HPLC work.

The stipulation shows the growing preference amongst metabolism scientists for Flowlogic, which has been specially formulated by LabLogic Systems to accept a wide range of mobile phase solvents at 1:1 – a ratio that results in a lower usage and less liquid waste for disposal, both of which represent savings.

Flowlogic 1:1 is low viscosity and non-gelling, and mixes rapidly to form a clear emulsion suitable for a steady streamline flow at a wide range of HPLC gradients.

It is biodegradable and – subject to advice on dilution rates from the local water company – can sometimes be disposed of down the drain. With low toxicity, a high flash point of 145oC and almost no odour, it is also safe to handle.

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