Latest Debra has Protein Binding module

28 July 2008

A new Protein Binding module is available with Debra 5.7, the latest release of LabLogic’s ADME LIMS.

All types of Protein Binding assay are covered including Equilibrium Dialysis, Ultrafiltration, Ultracentrifugation and Blood Cell Association, as well as calculation of Non-specific Binding and Time to Equilibrium experiments. The module is available as a stand-alone system for in vitro laboratories, and as a supplementary module for existing Debra customers.

Explaining the advantages, LabLogic systems director Huw Loaring said, "“Most pharmaceutical and contract research laboratories are still keeping data for Protein Binding assays in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which means that nearly 4000 manual data entries have to be individually checked for every experiment."

"Debra 5.7's Protein Binding module removes the need for QC checking of data transcription and results tables by directly capturing all measurements from laboratory instruments and providing a comprehensive set of report templates.”"

The module was developed closely with a major international contract laboratory together with advice from many existing customers to ensure that complete flexibility is available in both protocol generation and reporting.

Preparation of stock solutions and analysis and calculation of the initial spiked plasma concentration means that all data associated with the assay is recorded within the database.

There is also a detailed display of how calculations of bound and free percentages are shown in order to provide a clear understanding of how results have been reached.

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