PET labs can rely on AR2000 imaging scanner

15 July 2008

Laboratories manufacturing PET radio-tracers who need to check the purity of their product without investing in a full HPLC system are turning in increasing numbers to the AR2000 imaging scanner from LabLogic Systems.

Its direct imaging capability (which is incorporated into the USP standard method for purity analysis of 18F-FDG) gives the fastest possible analysis for all isotopes - less then one minute in the case of moderate activity samples.

St Thomas’ Hospital London, one of the UK's longest established PET facilities, has had the AR2000 and LabLogic's Laura software for more than eight years. "We have an annual throughput of up to 520 scans and the AR2000 has always proven to be reliable," says laboratory manager Ms Kam Kahlon.

"It is simple and easy to use, such that on the rare occasions when a problem has occurred our staff were able to resolve the issues very quickly. Because we work with very short lived isotopes, reliability and support is key when you have patients waiting for FDG scans."

Designed to minimise the bench space required while maximising sample throughput, the AR2000 is available in three versions to accommodate different workload requirements, all using the same high-performance detector and the LabLogic Laura Radiochromatography data collection and analysis software package.

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