New counting mode significantly improves radiochromatography detection limits

26 March 2009

The unique, new Active Counting Mode from LabLogic Systems gives radiochromatographers unrivalled limits of detection for the analysis of low level samples - and in the same timeframe as a conventional flow-through run.

Instead of applying the same parameters to variables throughout the entire run in the conventional way, ACM® actively monitors and adjusts run conditions in real time, applying the most appropriate settings dynamically as the run progresses according to a simplified heterodyne model.

The result is a radical increase in limits of detection - in the range of 6-fold upwards, depending on the sample type and other chromatographic conditions. Furthermore, ACM optimises peak width and overall peak shape; this makes it ideal for the new LC techniques with very narrow peak profiles and improves overall resolution, making peaks easier to identify.

Active Counting Mode also replaces the need to collect fractions for off-line Liquid Scintillation Counting. As well as saving time by making the whole process automatic, this eliminates the risk of losing volatile metabolites during sample processing.

ACM is compatible with all leading HPLC system configurations. It is available with the NEW IN/US Beta-RAM 5 and as an 'add-on' to the existing IN/US Beta-RAM 4 on-line radio HPLC flow-through detector and LabLogic's GxP-compliant Laura software.

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