New radio-HPLC detector makes Fast LC easy

3 March 2009

The new Model 5 version of the industry-leading β-RAM radio-HPLC detector from LabLogic Systems introduces a host of features that make it compatible with the latest methodologies, such as UPLC®, Rapid Resolution LC and Fast LC.

Active Counting Mode and stop-flow facilities, for example, are now built-in, and flow cells have been re-designed to make them even more compact, reducing dead volume to give faster resolution and sharper peak definition.

The β-RAM 5 is fully controlled by LabLogic’s Laura radiochromatography software. Thanks to on-going partnerships with the leading manufacturers (Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, Jasco, Gilson, PerkinElmer and Knaur), this includes ancillary equipment such as gradient pumps, auto injectors, UV detectors, DADs and fraction collectors.

Laura also collects and analyses digital data and generates reports, including a unique Summary Table function for data comparison.

β-RAM 5 has USB ports for all PC connections make communication fast and simple, and particular attention has been paid to safety; there are internal and external sensors to detect leaks, and a new arrangement for isolating any stray fluids from the electronics.

If preferred, the detector can be controlled from a distance by means of a pocket digital assistant (PDA) using the Bluetooth wireless protocol and a new Mobile module in the Laura data software. Chromatograms can even be viewed in the palm of the hand.

LabLogic can take responsibility for hardware and software validation and have the system up and running within days. As always, the whole package is backed by the company’s unrivalled technical support and service.

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