LIMS makes PET raw material tracking easy

8 July 2010

PETra, the new PET process management LIMS from LabLogic Systems, has the cure for one of the industry’s biggest quality headaches - maintaining up-to-date records of the components that make up each radiopharmaceutical.

Its comprehensive inventory management module is an accurate and efficient alternative to paper records that keeps track of the availability of items in stock, their location, details of QC tests they have passed, and whether they are still within their expiry date.

PETra records a complete chain of custody, from order through receipt and QC analysis to use in a batch, making it easy for users to document their inventory items, regular suppliers and couriers.

Each item can be listed with the QC checks that must be carried out before it can be released for use in production. It also has a unique barcode that automates the identification of materials during batch preparation.

Groups of items such as starting pre-cursor chemicals, vials and the like can be brought together in order to make a ‘kit’ specific to a product method.

As items are used during synthesis the inventory is automatically adjusted, and re-order limits for each is flagged up as stocks are reduced.

'PETra’s ability to maintain stock records has been highlighted as a key function by our prospective users' said Huw Loaring, LabLogic systems director.

'Having to check that dozens of separate components are in-stock and within their expiry dates before embarking on a new synthesis is a time-consuming process, but PETra makes recordkeeping easy because the loop from synthesis, QC acceptance and use is maintained within the database.'

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