Innovative, compact and affordable radio-HPLC detector for PET and SPECT

1 October 2010

LabLogic’'s innovative Flow-RAM is a gamma radio-HPLC detector specifically developed for PET and SPECT applications - the company’'s response to five years’ feedback from customers in PET centres and nuclear medicine departments.

Flow-RAM is available in different configurations whereby either one or two detectors can be connected to the system at any one time. The two-detector configuration accepts two detectors - different or the same - that work simultaneously yet independently of one another. This creates a 'two in one' instrument, giving exceptional flexibility, hence saving space and money.

The user can lock down features such as the high voltage, upper and lower level discriminators to prevent unauthorised adjustments to specified radionuclide operating parameters, ensuring consistent GLP/GMP compliance.

Power supply, instrument control and data collection is via a single USB connection. Full control of the Flow-RAM is provided by LabLogic’s market-leading Laura radiochromatography software. In addition, for those wishing to use the detector with their existing chromatography system, the Flow-RAM offers stand-alone control through a pocket digital assistant over a wireless link.

To optimise Flow-RAM’s performance, LabLogic offers an extensive range of detectors - NaI/PMT, plastic scintillator/PMT, well type NaI/PMT, pin diode, etc - and can advise on the most suitable type for every application. Also available is bespoke lead shielding to suit the needs of laboratories with varying levels of background radioactivity.

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