Liquid scintillation counter is accurate for 80:1 samples

14 December 2010

When a new metabolic research laboratory looked for an automatic liquid scintillation counter for Tritium:C14 dual labelling, it found one that achieved outstanding resolution on samples that other instruments were unable to count accurately - and at a much lower whole-life cost.

The MRC Centre for Obesity and Related Metabolic Diseases (MRC CORD) at the University of Cambridge purchased the 300SL counter from LabLogic Systems following a demonstration at which it successfully counted 80:1 samples of both C14:Tritium and Tritium:C14.

In the longer term the 300SL will also save MRC CORD money because it uses the ‘Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio’ absolute activity measurement method (the first instrument of its kind to do so), doing away with the need for a gamma source to compensate for the quench phenomenon for pure beta emitters.

That means there are no costs associated with setting up a source in the first instance, maintaining authorisation records and addressing safety issues during the counter's useful life and ultimately disposing of the source safely.

LabLogic was also able to meet all MRC CORD’s radiation safety needs from its extensive product range. Included were a Triathler portable radiation counter for wipe tests and - as a temporary back-up to the 300SL - Rad-Mon radiation monitors and shielding products.

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