Easy-to-use personal radiation dosimeter is keenly priced

27 July 2011

The TracercoT404 personal electronic radiation dosimeter, newly available to life science professionals from LabLogic Systems, is the easiest to read and operate on the market - and at half the price of others.

Lightweight, weatherproof and drop-resistant, it has a large display showing radiation graph measurements for those who need precise figures, and a simple diagram of a human figure that fills with colour depending on the dose received - an unambiguous warning for the radiation non-professional.

The T404 offers a choice of three measurement modes and four alarm settings, and it can be worn in whatever way suits the user simply by flipping the screen.

It has one of the largest memories on the market, reducing the risk of radiation exposure data being overwritten when the memory is full. It is also intrinsically safe, so there is no need for a ‘hot work’ permit if it is used in a potentially explosive environment.

Completing the T404 package is the intuitive DoseVision™ software interface, a compact charging station/data upload dock which links to the user’s PC through a USB interface – and even a quick-start guide edited by the Plain English campaign. What could be simpler?

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