New catalogue has more radiation counting products than ever

19 July 2011

LabLogic Systems has expanded its range of consumables and safety products for counting radiation in the laboratory.

Liquid scintillation cocktails, for example are now available in fifteen different formulations, both multi-purpose and application-specific, catering for almost every conceivable combination of flow conditions, sample viscosity, uptake rate and other critical variables.

The enlarged choice of vials includes application-matched types in glass and polyethylene in many different small sizes; and there are shields to protect lab personnel from contaminated items, radio-active samples and waste, however they are stored and transported.

The complete range of products can be seen in our consumables section, which has a product search facility and an online shopping system through which buyers can request prices.

Those who prefer the traditional catalogue format can download a 40-page pdf for consulting on-screen or printing out. This version has a handy section at the back reviewing all LabLogic's instruments and software, including new developments such as the Beta-RAM 5 radio flow detector, the Scan-RAM radio TLC scanner for nuclear medicine and PET, and the latest versions of the Laura chromatography software and the Debra LIMS for drug metabolism.

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