Tracerco T401 contamination monitors are now available with additional predicted repsonse factors for medical isotopes

16 March 2012

Since LabLogic began distributing the Tracerco range of monitors, they have swiftly generated a great deal of interest for the product range in the medical and academic industries. The robustness of the range has been a key factor, being both drop proof and weather resistant. In addition their chemically resistant rubberised casings have proved to be very practical, making decontamination a simple process.

Tracerco have now introduced a new feature to the T401 contamination monitor which should prove to be beneficial for use in the medical industry in particular. They have added predicted response factors for nuclides which are commonly used in hospitals and medical research establishments. These are pre-set into the instrument, allowing for on-screen automatic direct translation into Bq/cm2.

The new set of isoptopes include: Fluorine-18, Technetium-99m, Yttrium-90, Strontium-89, Iodine-125, Iodine-131, Samarium-153, Thallium-201.

This practical new feature allows for more accurate monitoring of exposure, whilst simply making life easier for the user.

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