The Chameleon V - the most sensitive microplate luminometer on the market

16 July 2012

Researchers using luminescence for their research applications will find all their needs met by the most sensitive microplate luminometer on the market - the Chameleon V from LabLogic Systems. Its super sensitive luminescence detection function provides fast and robust data, making the Chameleon V an ideal choice.

A reputable Scottish university expanding their luminescence work has chosen the Chameleon V over much larger and more expensive equivalents for their dual-luciferase reporter assays. Initially with a large budget, they looked at a much higher-priced plate reader, which supposedly offered the greatest sensitivity. However when it came down to a demonstration comparing the two, it could not keep up, with the Chameleon V detecting luminescence down to < 1 amol ATP/well in a white 96-well plate. Truly outstanding and at less than a third of the price, it was effectively a relatively easy purchasing decision.

Combined with its numerous additional capabilities including absorbance, fluorescence and liquid scintillation counting, the Chameleon has also shown to be useful with multiplexing – detecting a number of markers in the same sample. This technique has proven valuable in the work of a European university investigating the immune defence mechanisms of micro-organisms. They have used the Chameleon V to detect ATP on luminescence mode, and GFP on fluorescence intensity mode, creating successful readings from the same samples.

The Chameleon V can read Microtiter plates from 6 to 384 wells, and there are also options for well scanning and multiplexing. All models are supplied with MikroWin Lite 2000 instrument control software and a built-in linear shaker.

To discuss how the Chameleon V can benefit your research, please contact Saager Parmar.

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