Streamlining the process and improving efficiency with PETra

15 December 2015

A huge benefit to implementing a fit-for-purpose LIMS system is that it significantly improves efficiency. Users of PETra, the leading PET LIMS system, have reported efficiency improvements of up to 30%.

When implementing PETra, LabLogic’s team of PET experts and software developers work with each site to help streamline processes and electronically manage data; thus improving workflow efficiency in the following areas;

  • Pre-production checks.
  • Direct capture from equipment, eliminating transcription errors.
  • Dose Requirements; storing site, customer and dose information in one manageable place.
  • Barcode driven inventory management, providing you with up to date stock levels and allowing use of accepted raw material only.
  • Quality Management System; SOP, CAPA, Deviation, Change Control, OOS and Trending.
  • Instrument Maintenance / Calibration; ensuring equipment is maintained in accordance with your SOPs.
  • Labels and shipping documents.
  • Notifications for efficient communications and reminders of any tasks.
  • Training / User Records.
  • Audit Trail.
  • Sub-batches / Drug Stability Testing.
  • Security Access in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Electronic signatures; no more missing manual signatures.

PETra has been installed in some of the world’s leading facilities including; Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (Washington University, St Louis, USA), MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, USA), Kings College London (London, UK), University of Oxford (Oxford, UK), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center (New York, USA), A multi-site deployment at Triad Isotopes (USA) and many more.

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