Introducing the next generation flow detector for radio-HPLC

11 October 2017

LabLogic is delighted to introduce the next generation flow detector for radio-HPLC, the Beta-RAM model 6. After over 30 years of development, the Beta-RAM continues to raise the bar for radiochromatographers.

With its impressive new features, the model 6 offers unrivalled sensitivity, resolution and versatility.

IRIS Technology (Patent Pending) - Unlike traditional technologies, which rely on a fixed flow cell volume, IRIS technology allows users to optimise sensitivity and resolution by making a range of cell volumes available, without the need to change the flow cell.

Integrated Liquid Manifold - Handles liquid distribution and mixing with scintillation cocktail, reducing dead volume, ensuring excellent peak shape and resolution.

ACM™ and Stop Flow - An improved pump system, new cell design, and optimized PMT placement advances Active Counting Mode (ACM™) and Stop Flow options. Ideal for low level counting.

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