Watch the new Logi-CHROM HPLC series feature video

6 September 2018

Logi-CHROM HPLC series feature video


Introducing the new Logi-CHROM HPLC Series 

The Logi-CHROM HPLC series is a new modular system designed for radiochromatography.

Logi-CHROM HPLC series complete stack

Compact, versatile, and cost-effective, the new Logi-CHROM system is fully integrated within Laura, LabLogic's industry standard radiochromatography data system used in thousands of laboratories worldwide. 

The system easily handles demanding analytical tasks with a varying range of materials, flow rates and complexity levels. Logi-CHROM accomplishes your demanding analytical tasks with a selection of detectors, pumps, and columns.

The wide range of detectors available include:

  • Radio chemical detector (Beta-RAM radio flow detector).
  • UV detectors.
  • Multi wavelength detectors.
  • Diode Array Detectors.
  • Refractive Index Detectors with
    intelligent temperature control.
  • Electro Chemical detectors

Logi-CHROM is also fully capable of supporting both standard HPLC and UHPLC applications.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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