Laura for PET - the "go-to" chromatography software at MSKCC

11 December 2018

Laura for PET chromatography software ideal for MSKCC 

Laura for PET chromatography software ideal at world-renowned cancer centre

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City, the world’s oldest and largest private cancer centre, uses Laura for PET, LabLogic's PET/SPECT radiochromatography data collection and analysis software.

Serge Lyashchenko, Assistant Professor at the MSKCC said "We have been using Laura for PET for the last 6 years and, over that time, it has proven to be the most robust and reliable solution for all of our wide-ranging chromatography needs.

A combination of intuitive use, flexibility, unparalleled product support, built-in controls to allow compliance with applicable cGMP requirements, and compatibility with a variety of instruments, including Agilent GC, Shimadzu LC, Scan-RAM and Flow-RAM have positioned Laura as our “go-to” chromatography instrument control software system. 

Additionally, a single user interface for a variety of instruments makes the traditionally challenging tasks of operator training, analytical method development/validation, and associated SOP implementation exceptionally efficient and simple to accomplish.”

Elvir Zahirovic, Sales Director at LabLogic said, “We are pleased that LabLogic’s products have proven to be an ideal solution in a world-leading institution such as MSKCC. Laura for PET is at the core of LabLogic’s QC solution, providing a single point of control to streamline the use of QC instrumentation and managing data in a compliant and efficient manner, as mentioned by Assistant Professor Lyashchenko.”

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