Easily auto printout and compile results with Hidex's MikroWin for liquid scintillation counters

25 July 2019

Easily auto printout and compile your results with the Hidex's MikroWin software for liquid scintillation counters

MikroWin liquid scintillation counter software for the Hidex 300 SL and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters features a simple and intuitive interface designed with the user in mind.

Each user can select the relevant data they wish to display for auto printout and compilation. Templates can then be easily saved for future use.

Select how you want to view your results by customising your data output with a spectra, giving you a visual representation of results.
MikroWin software features an easy-to-use graphical interface and advanced data reduction capabilities.
An unlimited number of protocols, easy export to Excel™, custom calculations and quench curves are all included. MikroWin also has options for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for secure handling of method and data files.

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