Learn more about the Scan-RAM MCA radio-TLC scanner

29 October 2020

A dedicated radio-TLC scaner and multi-channel analyser 

The Scan-RAM MCA radio-TLC scanner has been developed for PET/SPECT applications and includes a dedicated detector with a multi-channel analyser.

The instrument is controlled by Laura for PET and provides accurate results for both radiochemical purity and radionuclidic identity tests in one combined run.

The Scan-RAM MCA is compliant, safe and reliable.

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Watch our Scan-RAM feature video

The Scan-RAM range includes several different models:

  • Scan-RAM MCA - radio-TLC scanner with a multi-channel analyser
  • Scan-RAM TLC - radio-TLC scanner with one or two interchangeable detectors
  • Dual Scan-RAM - radio-TLC scanner and an independent radio-HPLC detector

Click on the picture above or the link below to watch our feature video about the Scan-RAM range.


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