Reducing staff and patient radiation exposure using Karl 100

21 October 2020

How the Karl 100 automatic injector is used at The Royal Free

Karl 100 from Tema Sinergie is a multi-dose administration system designed with the safety of operators and patients in mind. Combined with the Rad-Inject, the smallest automated injector for radiopharmaceuticals, the system offers efficiency and protection for busy nuclear medicine departments all around the world.

Bruno Ferreira is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust where the Karl 100 automatic injector is used daily to inject patients with radiopharmaceuticals in the PET/CT suite.

Reducing operator exposure to radiation

One of the main reasons that over 125 hospitals worldwide use the Karl 100 is to reduce the radiation exposure to nuclear medicine professionals during preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals.

Bruno explained: “In nuclear medicine, we deal with radiation all day long and throughout our professional lives so we are always looking for ways to minimise the amount of exposure. The use of an automatic system like Karl 100 reduces exposure as it dispenses radioactive products on our behalf.

“For example, we can receive a vial with 6 or even 12 doses of FDG and so we need to calculate how much activity we need to administer to each patient. With Karl 100, the software calculates the amount of radioactivity we want to be dispensed to a specific patient and the system does the work for us.”

Easily transportable for operator and patient benefit

Bruno added: “Another benefit of using the Karl 100 is that the infusion pump is small and portable so we can dispense the activity on the unit and easily move it to the bay where the patient is.”

The problems with manual dispensing

Bruno explained: “Drawing up manually can be a cumbersome situation, especially with dealing with small volumes. Using an automatic injector is much more straightforward.”

Arrange a demonstration now

LabLogic is the UK & Ireland sole representative for Tema Sinergie and we now support and service all Tema Sinergie’s radiopharmacy and nuclear medicine systems.

If you would like to arrange a demo, please get in touch and for more information on Karl 100, get in touch via our contact page below. 


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