The complete radiochromatography solution

27 May 2021

Beta-RAM 6, Logi-CHROM HPLC and Laura software

Beta-RAM 6 features superb counting efficiency, excellent peak shape and resolution with unrivalled signal to noise characteristics plus unique IRIS technology for variable relative flow cell volume.

Logi-CHROM HPLC is a cost-effective HPLC solution that is fully scalable from a simple solution with manual injection up to a temperature-controlled autosampler for throughput.

Laura software fully controls and directly collects digital data from the whole system, providing easy to use and comprehensive data collection and analysis in a regulatory compliant system.

Click here to catch up on our Laura webinar series.

Why choose LabLogic's solution?

  • Sensitive and accurate radiochromatography detection
  • Comprehensive HPLC package
  • Easy to use single point of control software solution
  • Regulatory compliance and data integrity functionality
  • World-leading supplier offering comprehensive support


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