Unmatched signal to noise ratio with the Posi-RAM PET radio-HPLC detector

22 June 2021

Unsurpassed performance for PET metabolite profiling with the Posi-RAM 

LabLogic’s Posi-RAM PET radio-HPLC detector delivers the lowest possible limits of detection when profiling PET metabolites.

The Posi-RAM is specifically designed for the detection and quantification of low-level PET metabolites in the presence of higher levels of a single substance, therapeutic agent, test compound, or substrate.

Detection of low-level metabolites that would be otherwise undetectable 

Utilising two BGO detectors in a coincidence circuit, the Posi-RAM detects the smallest peaks whilst eliminating almost all background signal, providing an unmatched signal to noise ratio. This allows for the detection of low-level metabolites that would otherwise be undetectable on traditional radio-HPLC/single detector systems.

Digital data collection with Laura for PET 

Laura for PET, our industry-standard radiochromatography software, takes full control of the Posi-RAM and allows for digital data collection, analysis, and reporting.


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