Flow-RAM: The versatile radio-HPLC detector

16 December 2021

LabLogic’s Flow-RAM is designed for PET and SPECT radio-HPLC applications. It can be used with a wide range of existing detectors and is suitable for detecting both high and low levels of radioactivity. Detectors can be swapped depending upon your application.

Dual radio-HPLC system

The Flow-RAM is a flexible solution that is available in both a single and dual detector configuration. The Dual Flow-RAM allows two detectors to be connected to one electronic box. These can work independently of one another with different parameters for each detector, or simultaneously, saving critical laboratory space while delivering consistent and reliable results.

Regulatory compliance guaranteed by Laura for PET

The Flow-RAM is controlled by LabLogic’s leading radiochromatography software, Laura. Laura uses recognisable formats and wizards for multi-function tasks and is fully compliant, giving users total control over data collection and reporting.

A key feature is that no operating parameters on the electronic box can be altered, meaning only authorized users with the appropriate levels of access can make changes with a full audit trail.

Laura for PET offers a single software solution for control, data collection and reporting from radio-HPLC detectors, radio-TLC scanners, MCA, GC and HPLC systems.

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