Improved safety with the Hidex 600 OX

9 December 2021

The improved Hidex 600 OX Sample Oxidizer features unparalleled safety and higher throughput. As a fully automated catalytic combustion unit, it eliminates the traditional hazards associated with the sample combustion process and preparation of liquid scintillation cocktails.

It is a reliable, robust instrument that uses a modular design that facilitates ease of maintenance. It also drastically reduces the demands placed on users by eliminating manual interaction and produces minimal hazardous waste compared to other sample oxidizers.

Fully automated

The Hidex 600 OX eliminates the manual loading of samples by being fully automated with a computer-controlled combustion process using Beckhoff’s industry-standard Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). This total automation removes the need to handle hazardous and viscous cocktails.

It also automatically performs a gas line leak test before each sample run using mass-flow meter-based measurements and comparison of oxygen input and output flow at the end of the gas line. This protects the samples being prepared and stops radioactive gases from being released into the laboratory environment.

Hot zones

Organic samples are combusted into carbon dioxide and water vapor at a high temperature of 900°C. Complete automation of the combustion process allows users to avoid hot zones. Specified times for both cooling air flows and the ladle cover’s safety interlock protects users from handling hot ladles.

Faster samples

Besides being safer, the improved Hidex 600 OX is also faster, allowing up to six sample loads per run instead of just one. It can safely and efficiently combust larger samples of up to 2 grams and a built-in touchscreen computer provides quality control data feedback and appropriate maintenance reminders.

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