LabLogic’s Posi-RAM PET metabolite radio-HPLC detector

15 March 2022

The detection and quantification of low-level PET metabolites

LabLogic’s Posi-RAM radio-HPLC detector is designed for the detection and quantification of low-level PET metabolites. It is also possible to deselect coincidence counting and use the Posi-RAM for gross gamma counting, making it a dual-purpose instrument that can be used for radiochemical purity applications as well.

Our newest video with George Hunter, LabLogic’s Nuclear Medicine and PET Product Specialist, showcases the Posi-RAM’s key features and applications.

Efficient gamma-ray absorber

The Posi-RAM uses two bismuth germanate (BGO) crystals mounted on matched photomultiplier tubes with a flow cell in between to achieve the highest possible sensitivity from the counting geometry. BGO is twice as dense as sodium iodide (NaI) and the high atomic number of bismuth (83) makes it a very efficient gamma-ray absorber. This ensures excellent scintillation efficiency for higher energy gammas and hence an optimal signal to background ratio.

Low background, high counting efficiencies

A genuine decay event is only measured on the Posi-RAM when each of the photomultiplier tubes detects the event within the coincidence resolving time. The net result is that the Posi-RAM not only provides a low background but also relatively high counting efficiencies.

Controlled by Laura for PET™

The Posi-RAM is controlled by LabLogic’s Laura for PET radiochromatography software, ensuring only authorised users with appropriate access can make changes with a full audit trail. Laura provides both compliance and powerful data analysis that can be used as a single point of control for QC departments, with the ability to control a range of equipment, including HPLC systems.

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