Accurate delivery of scintillant and liquid mixing as standard for radiochromatography

21 February 2023

LabLogic’s Beta-RAM includes several integrated features commonly sold separately in other radio-HPLC flow detectors

LabLogic’s Beta-RAM radio flow detector for HPLC offers unrivalled sensitivity, resolution, and versatility for radiochromatography. It includes several integrated features that are commonly sold separately in other comparable instruments, making it a convenient solution for all pharmaceutical and radiochemical applications.

The Beta-RAM includes a built-in liquid manifold for the accurate mixing and transfer of the sample eluate to the flow cell. This manifold is self-contained to protect the electronics and detectors by isolating the liquid path in the unlikely event of a leak. Other flow detectors do not have this same level of protection, requiring the installation and purchase of a separate module for liquid handling and mixing. The Beta-RAM also includes a built-in low pulse pump for the accurate delivery of scintillant, which is also commonly sold separately in other models.

Additionally, smaller diameter 1.25-inch (28 mm) high-performance photomultiplier tubes are used instead of older 2-inch (51 mm) tubes that are still often used by others and hence gives an intrinsically lower background coincidence count rate.

Data integrity compliance with Laura

The Beta-RAM is compatible with LabLogic’s Laura software, the industry-standard for radiochromatography and commonly used globally by all major pharmaceutical companies, agrochemical companies, and CROs. Using a dedicated software module, the Beta-RAM allows users to work in a highly-regulated and controlled environment. No parameters can be set outside of Laura to ensure data integrity compliance by having all metadata available for review. Other models of flow detectors allow parameter changes on the instrument itself meaning no data trail or metadata is recorded, which is a non-compliance.

Through Laura, the Beta-RAM’s optional Active Counting Mode allows better peak definition, resolution, and background levels to be attained for difficult samples such as UPLC/Fast LC to improve signal-to-noise ratio and therefore improve LOD.

Dynamic cell flow volumes with IRIS

One of the Beta-RAM’s most innovative features is its patented IRIS, an aperture that makes a range of cell flow volumes dynamically available without having to install different flow cells with fixed volumes, like traditional flow detectors. Using an installed 500 μl cell, the IRIS partially opens and closes to release or obscure the sample, effectively increasing or reducing the cell volume as the user requires during the chromatography method development. By reducing the area of flow cell available to the detectors, users have the ability to control the available cell volume using the instrument method in Laura, potentially delivering sharper peaks and improving resolution.

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