Radio-TLC measurements in just 2 clicks

20 December 2023

Laura’s new quick start wizard streamlines radiopharmaceutical QC with an intuitive user interface 

Alongside the recent launch of the new Scan-RAM 2, LabLogic has also introduced a new quick start wizard to our Laura Radiopharma software for instrument control and radiochromatography data (previously known as Laura for PET). The wizard allows users to configure the Scan-RAM 2 to run radio-TLC measurements in just 2 simple clicks through an intuitive user interface. 

For those radiopharmacies and nuclear medicine departments which release common radiotracers such as Tc-99m and Ga-68 on a regular basis, the wizard represents significant savings in time while removing user error by automating the radio-TLC run once configured after the initial set up. 

Simply select the method and press play, it’s that easy 

Traditionally using Laura, users would have to select their project, method, and name their run. The quick start wizard simplifies this process in a pre-configured method tile. Once selected, key parameters can be reviewed, origin and solvent front can be further edited if needed, and preparation notes can be viewed on the screen. Instead of manually typing the measurement name, a configurable reference mask will be automatically generated. 

Once run, automatic peak identification and pass-fail criteria makes analysis simple, still allowing for further edits if needed, whilst the report is automatically generated and ready to be printed. 

Selected method for 18F-FDG in Laura’s new quick start wizard.

The ideal solution for PET/SPECT radiopharmacy QC 

Laura Radiopharma is used at hundreds of facilities around the world and has all the features required for data integrity and regulatory compliance along with many unique features such as a configurable pass-and-fail criteria, automatic peak finder, and half-life correction. It provides a single point of control and is seamlessly integrated into LabLogic’s PETra and SPECTra LIMS systems. 

Find out more 

You can learn more about Laura’s new quick start wizard by clicking the button below to speak to a product specialist directly to request a guided demonstration. 


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