Meeting the demands of PET QC analysis

LabLogic’s Logi-CHROM Electrochemical Detector has been developed to meet the demands of fast analysis, regarding detection sensitivity, acquisition frequency and temperature of separation. This detector enables the user to perform all PET and non-PET HPLC applications which routinely use electrochemical detection.


The EC Detector maintains the column and flow cell (separation and detection) at a very accurate and stable temperature. In addition, the EC Detector has ADF (Advanced Digital Filter) technology and a new generation of electrochemical flow cell, for reduced signal-to-noise ratio and improved sensitivity.


As with all LabLogic products, the Logi-CHROM EC Detector has been designed to exceed regulatory requirements. The absence of buttons on the front panel ensures that no validated method parameters can be changed by the operator, except through the Laura for PET software, which contains a full audit trail.


The EC Detector is part of LabLogic’s leading PET solution and can work as a stand-alone instrument or as one module within the Logi-CHROM HPLC Series.

ADF (Advanced Digital Filtering)

A noise elimination algorithm, specifically developed for electrochemical data. It improves S/N, thus improving the detection limit by up to a factor of 200, depending on conditions.

Integrated temperature control

Highly stable, Faraday-shielded, temperature-controlled compartment accommodating both column and flow cell.

Stable working conditions are a prerequisite for trace analysis – no sensitivity without stability!

EC Flow Cell delivers unsurpassed S/N ratio

The EC Flow Cell is a new generation detector, specifically designed for highest sensitivity. The tool-free assembly and the continuously adjustable working volume guarantees ease of use and excellent performance.

Industry standard software

The EC-Detector is fully controlled by the single point of control, radiochromatography software Laura for PET and can be seamlessly integrated with the world leading PET LIMS, PETra.


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