The Logi-CHROM HPLC Series

Logi-CHROM HPLC modules, are a new addition to LabLogic’s radiochromatography range. Compact, cost effective and fully integrated within Laura software, Logi-CHROM is available as a standard HPLC or UHPLC.

Versatility and reliability

The new Logi-CHROM instruments are designed to meet your everyday challenges with versatility and reliability. These systems are flexible in many ways, offering a range of materials, flow rates and complexity levels. Logi-CHROM accomplishes your demanding analytical tasks with a selection of detectors, pumps, and columns.

Single point of control

Integration with LabLogic's Laura radiochromatography software ensures data integrity and regulatory compliance; all parameters can only be changed within the software, with a full audit trail recorded.

Control and monitor your Logi-CHROM system and process your data within Laura, the industry-standard radiochromatography system used in thousands of laboratories worldwide.


The Logi-CHROM pump is compact yet powerful featuring a high quality HPLC pumping system. Choose between 3 configurations:

  • A 2 × 2 binary high pressure gradient (HPG) for high accuracy blending of up to two eluents from two selectable solvents each.
  • A low pressure gradient (LPG) for reliable blending of up to four eluents.
  • A cost-effective isocratic version for simple analyzes.

Choice of pump heads available including:

  • Maximum flow rate of 10 ml/min and 700 bar backpressure.
  • Maximum flow rate of 5 ml/min and 1000 bar backpressure.

Whatever your separation requirements the Logi-CHROM system has a high quality pump set up available.


A wide range of detectors are available including:

  • Radio chemical detector (Beta-RAM).
  • UV detectors.
  • Multi wavelength detectors.
  • Diode Array Detectors.
  • Refractive Index Detectors with intelligent temperature control.
  • Electro Chemical detectors.

These detectors can be fitted with a range of flow cells to meet all analytical requirements.

Auto Sampler

The LogiCHROM autosampler is designed to give maximum efficiency and accuracy with superb sample integrity. It features the integrated intermediate loop decompression valve (ILD) which reduces sample dilution and increases measurement reproducibility.

  • Up to 1 240 bar (700 bar).
  • Cooling/heating option (4 – 40 °C).
  • 0.1 μl – 10 000 µl (depending on configuration) sample injection volume.
  • Up to 768 samples (microtiter plates) or 108 standard vials.
  • Intermediate Loop Decompression – ILD.

Thermostatic Column Compartment

The Logi-CHROM system offers a forced air column thermostat capable of heating or cooling from 5 to 85°C. The powerful fan and robust peltier element prevent a column from overheating while keeping it at a very stable temperature.

  • Temperature range 5 – 85°C.
  • Heating/cooling rate 2°C/min.
  • Temperature accuracy ± 0.2°C.
  • Temperature stability ± 0.1°C.
  • Optional pre-column eluent tempering.
  • Up to 8 columns with 350 mm max. length.
  • Max. 16 mm inner diameter.
  • Column switching option with ASM 2.1L.

Stable temperature has an immense positive influence on retention time reproducibility and the Logi-CHROM system offers analysts that temperature stable environment.


The LabLogic Group will always treat your details with the utmost care and will never sell them to third party companies.

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