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1 January 2002

LabLogic are pleased to announce the launch of the New ß-RAM Model 3 Radio HPLC detector.

As part of LabLogic's continuing development of the Instrument division we are especially pleased to announce the launch of the ß-RAM Model Radio-HPLC Detector, the first new Radio HPLC Detector for over 10 years.

Taking full advantage of the latest electronic component technology the ß-RAM Model 3 offers the following benefits.

Compact design, uses less bench space than any other Radio-HPLC Detector

Superb dynamic range, linear response down to the lowest level detection

Modular design capable of liquid mixing and using flow cells packed with solid scintillant

All liquid management is external to the instrument allowing for ease if use and leak proof operation

Wide range of flow cells available in volumes from 20µl to 2500µl

Rad-Waste management allows Radio-active waste to be separated automatically

The new ß-RAM Model 3 provides accurate, reproducible and linear data from a compact instrument that uses the latest technology to integrate with modern chromatography analysis packages.

Combine the ß-RAM Model 3 with our new Laura 3 software and you have a powerful package for Radio-HPLC data collection and reporting.

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