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The LabLogic Group opens new global headquarters

2 December 2022

The new UK office marks another successful milestone for the company. Take the online tour here

Modernising PET production with PETra

30 November 2022

Turku PET Centre in Finland chooses LabLogic’s LIMS to manage its radiopharmacy. Find out what Sarita Forsback, Development Manager, had to say

Using the Phasefocus Livecyte in cancer and vascular research at Texas Tech University

24 November 2022

Dr. Constantinos Mikelis and Dr. Ulrich Bickel share their experiences with the kinetic cytometer in their core imaging facility. Watch here

Remote management of multiple PET radiopharmacies with PETra

15 November 2022

LabLogic’s PET LIMS software allows Qualified Persons to securely access batch information for certification and release

Manage your Extraction Procedures with Debra

10 November 2022

Debra’s Trace module is an invaluable tool for metabolism laboratories that perform sample preparation prior to analysis.

Adaptable solutions for radionuclide identity and radionuclidic purity analysis

31 October 2022

LabLogic’s Spec-RAM™ gamma spectrometer can accommodate a range of different vial sizes for radiopharmaceuticals

A new category of plate reader with the Absorbance 96

20 October 2022

The Byonoy Absorbance 96 is a portable and customisable plate reader for laboratories and field investigations. Watch the latest video to find out more

Controlling the 68Ge/68Ga elution rate in preparation for the use of 68Ga in PET/CT

12 October 2022

The Hidex AMG allows radionuclide purity of Gallium-68 from generators to be determined before injection using dedicated software. Learn more here

Superior sample combustion for soil and sediment with the Hidex 600 OX

8 August 2022

The Hidex’s catalytic combustion chamber allows 14-C or 3-H in organic material to be properly trapped and counted. Learn how here

Macrophage immunology assays using the Phasefocus Livecyte

1 August 2022

The Livecyte combines high contrast label-free imaging with correlative fluorescence and automatic cell tracking for quantifying phagocyte behaviour

Visual alpha/beta separation of Actinium-225 using LSC

21 July 2022

The Hidex 300 SL features a unique topographical 3D alpha/beta spectral separation algorithm that can be used to qualify and quantify alpha and beta emitters

Quality Control of prostate cancer theragnostics

29 June 2022

LabLogic’s Logi-CHROM ONE is being used in the quality control of 18F-PSMA-1007 for use in hospitals across Central America

LabLogic’s patented Beta-RAM IRIS technology

22 June 2022

IRIS dynamically delivers a range of cell flow volumes in the Beta-RAM radio flow detector for HPLC. Find out how here

Designing new F-18 radiotracers using LabLogic instruments

14 June 2022

Emmanuel Gras has been using the Scan-RAM and Flow-RAM at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse. See what he had to say by clicking here

Minimised and automated liquid scintillation counting on the Hidex Sense

9 June 2022

The Hidex Sense combines multi-mode microplate reading and LSC to deliver two instruments in one. Click here to learn more

Mitigating risks in the Quality Control of PET radiotracers with Tracer-QC

6 June 2022

A recent evaluation of the automated system has quantified the significant improvements brought about during the release testing of PET radiopharmaceuticals

NEW Video: Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio explained

1 June 2022

In our latest video, we explain what TDCR is, and how it improves the counting efficiencies of LSCs without the need for an internal radiation source

Supporting the production of theragnostic radionuclides

26 May 2022

LabLogic has proven to be a one-stop shop for SpectronRX, a US Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation. Find out how here

QC solutions for Gallium-68 PET radiotracers

17 May 2022

LabLogic delivers a range of instruments for quality control and regulatory compliance in the manufacture of 68Ga radiopharmaceuticals.

LabLogic's Logi-CHROM HPLC autosampler with unique injection modes

10 May 2022

3 unique injection modes deliver maximum efficiency and accuracy with superb sample integrity. Find out how here

Hidex Sense at the University of Surrey

4 May 2022

The Sense has been used to study antimicrobial resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Find out how here

Charing Cross Hospital invests in the Tema Sinergie Karl100 autoinjector

29 April 2022

The hospital's Imaging Department will use the unit to inject patients with radiotracers prior to PET scans, improving safety and patient care. Find out how

Why choose LabLogic’s Logi-CHROM ONE?

25 April 2022

The Logi-CHROM ONE is an integrated radio-HPLC system for QC of PET and SPECT radiolabelled compounds. Find out more here

LabLogic establishes a permanent presence in Germany

21 April 2022

We are excited to deliver dedicated service and support to our German customers with our first permanent staff appointment. Find out more here

After many successful years, Bartec leaves the LabLogic Group to join Mediso

13 April 2022

Southern Scientific will now be the UK distributor for Hoy Scandinavian, Lemer Pax, and more

LabLogic becomes the leading PET radiopharmacy LIMS provider in Sweden

5 April 2022

University hospitals in Lund and Gothenburg join other Swedish radiopharmacies in modernising PET radiotracer production. Click to find out more

Phasefocus Livecyte Kinetic Cytometer at the Francis Crick Institute

31 March 2022

The Livecyte has been used to identify a new role of the ubiquitin ligase HECTD2 in the cellular proliferation of melanoma cells. Find out how here

NEW Video: TEMA Sinergie’s Karl100 Multi-Dose Administration System

29 March 2022

The Karl100 is used for the dispensing and injection of a wide range of radiotracers. Our newest video showcases its key features and applications.

LabLogic’s Scan-RAM radio-TLC scanner

24 March 2022

Determining radiochemical purity for PET/SPECT applications in hospitals, universities, and laboratories around the world

Hidex 600 SLe: the latest generation of liquid scintillation counters

23 March 2022

Hidex are excited to release the improved 600 SLe liquid scintillation counter with several improved key features

LabLogic wins Medical, Life Sciences & Healthcare award 2022

21 March 2022

A prestigious award recognizing the biggest impact in the region and beyond for pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnology, health product or medical devices.

LabLogic SPECTra Focus Group 2022

18 March 2022

LabLogic is holding our first SPECTra Focus Group which will include a visit to a current SPECTra customer site. There are limited spaces available, so click to find out more.

Managing environmental metabolism studies in an FDA/GLP regulated environment

17 March 2022

LabLogic's Debra is a LIMs designed to manage the life cycle of a range of drug and environmental metabolism studies

LabLogic’s Posi-RAM PET metabolite radio-HPLC detector

15 March 2022

Designed for the detection and quantification of low-level PET metabolites. Click to find out more

zenCELL owl incubator microscope in the study of Buruli ulcer pathogenesis

9 March 2022

The zenCELL owl live cell imager has been used in a recent study of Buruli ulcer (BU) pathogenesis. Click to find out more

Supporting the development of radiopharmaceuticals for targeted alpha therapy

1 March 2022

Using the Hidex 600 SL at the University of Washington in Seattle

Hidex AMG at Rotherham General Hospital

24 February 2022

The first gamma counter dedicated to nuclear medicine and PET applications

Translational research using the Posi-RAM

16 February 2022

Charles-Henri and LabLogic have been working together for several years, using our Scan-RAM, Logi-CHROM, and Posi-RAM instruments

Supporting independent research with the Absorbance 96 plate reader

14 February 2022

Twelvetrees Lab choose the Absorbance 96 plate reader for protein quantification assays

Make life easier in the Radiopharmacy

10 February 2022

We caught up with Shaun Johns from Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, who has been working closely with LabLogic to develop SPECTra software

Introducing Laura’s NEW report designer

8 February 2022

A comprehensive report designer which allows users to optimise reports for all applications

Alliance Medical choose the Karl100 Multi-Dose Administration System

3 February 2022

Alliance Medical Limited has recently chosen the Karl100 for their radiotracer dispensing at their new Guildford PET-CT Centre

Introducing the NEW Byonoy Absorbance One

1 February 2022

Cuvette reading in the palm of your hand

Evergreen Theragnostics choose Orla and LabLogic’s integrated solutions

25 January 2022

Evergreen Theragnostics have chosen LabLogic for LIMS, radiochromatography software, and QC equipment

Introducing Orla: NEW online radiopharmaceutical order communication system

20 January 2022

LabLogic’s newest software allows customers to order radiopharmaceuticals directly with suppliers

Phasefocus Livecyte Kinetic Cytometer at the Huntsman Cancer Institute

18 January 2022

Using Livecyte’s high-content imaging and cell analysis in the study of melanocytes

Accurate counting with Beta-RAM and Laura for sensitive radio flow detection

12 January 2022

Key innovations improve liquid mixing, reduce dead volume, and prevent gelling

Europe’s first Tracer-QC installation

5 January 2022

LabLogic have just installed Europe’s first Tracer-QC at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway

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