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Radio-HPLC in one simple solution

17 July 2024

In this new video, Product Specialist George Hunter walks us through the new, updated Logi-CHROM ONE

Portable plate reading without compromising on performance

11 July 2024

The Absorbance 96 has been used in a comparative study where it obtained results comparable to other, larger plate readers 

Flexible options for radionuclidic identity and purity with the Spec-RAM range

9 July 2024

In this video, we give a comprehensive overview of the Spec-RAM range of gamma spectrometers

The Beta-RAM 6: Setting a new standard in radiolabelled metabolite detection

1 July 2024

In our latest video, we demonstrate our radio flow detector for ADME and eFate research

Evaluating the radiochemical purity of Ga68-DOTA-TOC for the treatment of NETs

27 June 2024

The Scan-RAM has been used in a study by AghaAmiri et al. to investigate the biodistribution of temozolomide

The new Logi-CHROM ONE: powerful radio-HPLC in one small unit

19 June 2024

The updated system provides a cost-effective, benchtop solution for radiochemical purity testing using the most common HPLC modules

Safeguarding the Paris Olympics with the Hidex Triathler

14 June 2024

The portable LSC is to be used by the French fire service for the detection of radiological threats ahead of this year’s games

Analysing phytotelmata composition of Nepenthes plants in the Bornean rainforest

10 June 2024

Dr. Skylar Johnson from the University of Bristol has used Byonoy's instruments to study pitcher plants in Brunei Darussalam

Unveiling the Spec-RAM CZT: a new benchtop solution for gamma spectrometry

4 June 2024

In our latest video, discover a space-saving, GMP-compliant instrument with improved operator access

Introducing automated bubble point testing with LabLogic’s Filter Integrity Tester

28 May 2024

Watch how our new benchtop unit supersedes manual methodology in our latest video

Shaping endothelial research with the Phasefocus Livecyte at the University of Nottingham

13 May 2024

The kinetic cytometer has been used by the Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors to observe angiogenesis

Studying photosynthetic carbon fixation in plants with the Hidex 600 SL

24 April 2024

The liquid scintillation counter is being used by the Lancaster Environment Centre to help develop more resilient and productive crops

Using the Hidex Sense to unveil the regulatory network controlling natural transformation in lactococci

18 April 2024

The microplate reader has been used to investigate the role of a glucose-maltose diauxic shift on the spontaneous competence of Lactococcus lactis

Tracer-QC receives regulatory approval in Europe

15 April 2024

Following extensive testing by Haukeland University Hospital, the automated PET-QC system has proven equivalency with traditional QC methods for F18-FDG

Managing user access in Laura for GLP and regulatory compliance

11 April 2024

In the first of a series of training videos, we demonstrate how Laura’s Project Membership provides a secure platform for radiolabelled studies and pharmaceuticals

Monitoring the biodistribution of radiopharmaceuticals and gelofucine using MOLECUBES’ SPECT imager

8 April 2024

The γ-CUBE has been used in a cancer research study to visualize and quantify enhanced tumor targeting for theranostic applications

Evaluating Cu-64 uptake in cells and tumors for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy using the Hidex AMG

18 March 2024

The automatic gamma counter has been used to evaluate the effectiveness of Cu-64 for theranostics in a study at the French public research institute INSERM

The LabLogic Group wins the International Trade category at the Yorkshire Business of the Year Awards

14 March 2024

The award recognises LabLogic’s achievements in opening up new global markets along with significant growth in existing ones

Driving compliance, efficiency, and innovation in medical radioisotope production with PETra

7 March 2024

BV Cyclotron is a global manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals and user of LabLogic’s LIMS, which has brought significant benefits to commercial PET production

Quantifying scientific theories at the University of York’s core imaging facility with the Phasefocus Livecyte

29 February 2024

Researchers at the Imaging & Cytometry Laboratory share their experiences with the kinetic cytometer in the latest video from Phasefocus

Discover the new Flow-RAM 2 in our most recent video

26 February 2024

We showcase the advanced features of our new radio-HPLC detector for PET and SPECT in this latest demonstration

Using the Logi-CHROM ONE for quality control in Targeted Alpha Therapies

22 February 2024

The compact radio-HPLC system is being used by University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus to visualise Actinium and its daughters

Measuring environmental tritium with the Hidex ULLA

19 February 2024

The André E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory in Canada is the first site in North America to be using the new ultra-low level counter, superseding the QUANTULUS

Automating radiopharmaceutical administration with the Tema Sinergie ASTER

7 February 2024

Designed to intravenously administer radiopharmaceuticals, the system eliminates manual handling in theranostics

Developing an alternative PET quantification research methodology using the Posi-RAM

1 February 2024

LabLogic’s radio-HPLC detector for PET metabolites is being used to monitor arterial input function in miniature pigs as a model for drug evaluation in humans

Determining cell proliferation after being exposed to GPC1 with the Absorbance 96

29 January 2024

The Byonoy plate reader has been used in a recent breakthrough study by Cheng et al. to investigate glypicans in tumorigenesis

Application note: Cut and count vs. radio-TLC scanners

25 January 2024

Read LabLogic’s new application note comparing cut and count and radio-TLC scanners

Quantifying radiolabelled CECs using Hidex instruments

22 January 2024

The University of Surrey has been researching the fate of contaminants of emerging concerns to understand the effects of nanoplastics in the environment

Eliminating paper records in PET/QC with PETra

17 January 2024

PET Pharm Biotech in Taiwan is using LabLogic’s LIMS to improve efficiency by digitising their batch records

Tracer-QC’s routine use in a clinical F18-FDG production facility

9 January 2024

The International Medical Center in Egypt has praised the system’s automation of traditional QC release testing for PET radiopharmaceuticals

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