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New LIMS module fast-tracks metabolism study reporting

15 December 2009

Scientists seeking to profile the metabolism of radio-labelled compounds need to summarise their chromatography data in many ways - by comparing species differences or dose routes, for example, or by viewing the metabolism of the compound over time.

New radio-HPLC detector off to a flying start

2 December 2009

LabLogic Systems reports an enthusiastic response from pharmaceutical development companies and contract research organisations to the new Beta-RAM 5 radio-HPLC flow-through detector.

Latest radiochromatography software has it all under control

27 November 2009

Release 4.0.5 of LabLogic Systems’ Laura radiochromatography software brings together all the improvements and innovations of the last twelve months - more than 150 in total.

Buy a counter, get a free radiation monitor

23 November 2009

Until the end of 2009, LabLogic Systems is offering a free Geiger Muller radiation contamination monitor complete with source calibration certificate with all orders for its Triathler portable LSC / luminometer / gamma counter.

Radiation monitors come with free replacement probe

17 November 2009

Anyone who buys four or more Rad Monitor radiation contamination monitors from LabLogic Systems before the end of 2009 will receive a replacement probe completely free of charge.

Radio-HPLC detector price slashed till year-end

4 November 2009

Until the end of 2009 LabLogic Systems is selling its BetaRAM 4 radio-HPLC flow-through detector at a discounted price - on a strictly 'first come, first served' basis.

LabLogic Systems appoints representative in France

30 October 2009

Radiochromatography specialist LabLogic Systems has appointed Bernard Sellier to sell its software and instrumentation in France.

New ADME LIMS release makes protein binding easier

27 October 2009

Debra 5.7.6, the latest release of LabLogic’s LIMS for drug metabolism studies, implements more than 70 modifications.

LabLogic donation just the job for Sheffield kids' charity

30 September 2009

Sheffield-based Amy’'s Retreat is the latest charity to benefit from an unusual Employee of The Month scheme operated by local drug research software and equipment company LabLogic Systems.

PET LIMS to be demonstrated at nuclear medicine congress

25 September 2009

PET professionals who want to simplify the control of their production facilities will have another opportunity to see a Laboratory Information System tailor-made for their purposes at the 2009 European Association of Nuclear Medicine Annual Congress in Barcelona from the 10th to 14th October.

Support fast and effective

23 September 2009

say LabLogic customers

LabLogic maximises searchability of pharma's LIMS

4 September 2009

LabLogic Systems has helped a major biopharmaceutical company to create a Pipeline Pilot reporting tool that can query for study data held in its Debra drug metabolism LIMS and deliver a customised report in a form that is meaningful to users.

LabLogic sweeps the board in PET and nuclear medicine radiopharmaceutical QC

26 August 2009

LabLogic's MiniScan radio TLC scanner and Laura radiochromatography software are products of choice in PET and nuclear medicine departments in Northern Ireland and Eire.

Addenbrooke's chooses LabLogic for PET metabolite support

28 July 2009

The Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering at Addenbroke's Hospital in Cambridge, UK has chosen LabLogic Systems to supply all the equipment needed to support its new metabolite analysis system for early-phase PET studies.

Radiation monitors have free source calibration certificates

23 July 2009

LabLogic Systems is making a money-saving offer on its Rad Monitor™ radiation contamination monitors.

Pharma chooses stop-flow for greater radio-HPLC accuracy

16 July 2009

A recent order received by LabLogic Systems shows that radiochromatographers see its stop-flow controller SoFie as an essential component of an effective radio-HPLC system.

Radio-HPLC detector demo shows peaks in real time

9 July 2009

Chromatographers wanting to see the latest in radio-HPLC flow-through detection should book their place on LabLogic Systems' demonstration tour for the new Model 5 Beta-RAM.

Drug metabolism LIMS in demand for clinical studies

23 June 2009

LabLogic Systems reports a rapid rise in the number of clinical studies being performed using its drug metabolism LIMS Debra.

Microplate reader offered with free temperature controller

23 June 2009

Until the end of July, anyone buying a Chameleon V microplate reader from LabLogic Systems will receive a free temperature control unit worth £690.

PET LIMS on show at SNM meeting

9 June 2009

PETra, LabLogic System's new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for PET facilities will be on view at the Society of Nuclear Medicine’s Annual Meeting (Stand 1532).

Laura 4 news - Agilent fraction collectors now supported""

27 May 2009

Laura 4, the latest evolution of the industry standard radio chromatography software system now supports Agilent fraction collectors.

Tracking radioactive waste from reactor decommissioning

14 May 2009

Sample tracking software from LabLogic Systems is assisting in the decommissioning of the UK’'s only civilian research nuclear reactor.

User groups make the transatlantic crossing

28 April 2009

Metabolism scientists and radiochemists will be comparing experiences of LabLogic and IN/US products on two different continents in 2009.

Webcast showcases LIMS for PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing

16 April 2009

LabLogic Systems is offering a webinar of particular interest to PET professionals seeking a Laboratory Information Management System designed specifically for their needs.

University can depend on good-value" radiation monitor"

6 April 2009

Anyone with hands-on responsibility for radiation protection cannot function without a radiation monitor, so they need to be certain that it will perform reliably, day after day.

Announcing the 2009 LabLogic-IN/US User Meetings

31 March 2009

LabLogic will host European and American user group meetings in 2009.

New counting mode significantly improves radiochromatography detection limits

26 March 2009

The unique, new Active Counting Mode from LabLogic Systems gives radiochromatographers unrivalled limits of detection for the analysis of low level samples - and in the same timeframe as a conventional flow-through run.

Is your LIMS working hard enough?

17 March 2009

Pharmaceutical industry researchers grappling with the implications of recent staff cutbacks need to make sure that their software systems are contributing fully to the task of getting more results from fewer resources.

New radio-HPLC detector makes Fast LC easy

3 March 2009

Introducing the new Model 5 version of the industry-leading Beta-RAM radio-HPLC detector from LabLogic Systems

Latest pharma software on show at SOT meeting

23 February 2009

LabLogic's laboratory information management system and chromatography software for the pharmaceutical metabolism industry will be to the fore at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology (15th -19th March, Baltimore, USA).

Counter is easy to use for LSC and luminescence

19 February 2009

"You can transport it in the boot of a car; then it's just one button to select a program and away you go"

Gamma detector can be relied on for PET quality checks

4 February 2009

LabLogic System's Gamma-RAM radio-HPLC detector is designed specifically for soft and intermediate gamma emitters with energies up to around 1 MeV.

Change to 1:1 scintillation cocktail saves CRO 50%

2 February 2009

LabLogic Systems has helped one of its clients to halve its scintillation cocktail costs for radio-HPLC work.

XenoBiotic Laboratories chooses Debra LIMS

23 January 2009

Contract research organisation XenoBiotic Laboratories, Inc. (XBL) has purchased LabLogic Systems' Debra LIMS solution to manage ADME data at its New Jersey research facility.

Imperial College gets the latest for liquid scintillation counting

16 January 2009

The new Hidex 300SL from LabLogic Systems - the latest technology at a competitive price.

User feedback tunes up new release of ADME LIMS

8 January 2009

LabLogic Systems already has six sites validating Debra 5.7, the latest release of its LIMS for non-clinical ADME studies.

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