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1 January 2002

LabLogic Systems Ltd proudly introduce themselves as sole UK suppliers of Biospace Mesures Beta Imager and Micro Imager series.

The 2 unique imaging systems are able to pin point the location of radioactivity in biological tissue slices with greater resolution than has ever been previously possible.

Further, digital results are obtained in real time 500 times faster than autoradiography and 50 times faster than with phosphor imagers.

Additionally both systems are specifically designed for the measurement of 3H and 3H / 14C labelled materials, as well as the usual more energetic beta-emitters, and with the Micro Imager 15 micron resolution is obtained for 3H.

1992 Nobel Prize winner in Physics Georges Charpak founded Biospace Mesures with the objective of further developing his concepts and applying them to biological sciences.

Since the first production of the Beta Imager and Micro Imager series, instruments have been installed across the world in countries such as France, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Germany and USA.

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