ß-RAM Model 3

1 January 2002

Announcing LabLogics new Chromatography data collection and analysis package - Laura 3.

After 20 years experience working closely with chromatographers LabLogic have launched the latest evolution of the successful Laura system Laura 3.

Written to satisfy the demand for network based systems Laura 3 is a fully networkable system operating in a true 32-bit environment. This gives the user the ability to create or edit methods and add to sample queues from the office. Also to view data in real-time without having to go into the laboratory.

Laura 3 offers many useful features including:

Multi Level Security

Fully Networkable

32 Bit Environment

Data Collection from many types of instrument

Wizards to guide users through methods etc

Edit, insert measurement queue over network

View real time measurement over network

Built in instrument testing for GLP purposes

Document Management System

Links to Microsoft Word

Laura 3 is a powerful Chromatography data collection and analysis software system written to support the latest network environment. For the chromatography it offers flexibility for setting up the data collection parameters plus many useful tools for evaluating and reporting the data collected. All this is conducted with GLP compliance as the guiding principle.

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