New LIMS release gives users more options

8 January 2007

Debra 5.6.3, the latest release of LabLogic's drug metabolism LIMS, incorporates more than 170 improvements and new options - the outcome of more than three man years of development.

Key areas benefiting from the innovations include Treatment Analysis, Limits of Detection, Reanalysis History and LDAP compliance.

The design and preparation of formulations for Analysis of Treatments have been completely re-written to allow greater flexibility.

Users can now choose not to dilute a dose prior to analysis, for example, and can manually over-ride the calculated Specific Gravity.

The number of dose aliquots taken for analysis has been increased to allow any quantity up to 99, and they can be put into different groups for statistical analysis (such as start, middle and end of dosing, or top, middle and bottom of suspension dose solutions).

Treatment analysis preparation is in the more familiar batch-like format, so aliquots and dose dilutions can be weighed in an order chosen by the user rather than the one set by the program, as previously.

Final Analysis results used in dose calculations can now use the original nominal values or ones based on the analysis itself.

For Limits of Detection, there is now a calculation using a background group to provide a concentration-based LOD, and a second that uses the Standard Deviation of background samples.

LOD rules are shown on the Show Calculations screen, and it is possible to rename LOD levels and to show the LOD for each sample within the Sampling Data report.

A useful amendment to the existing Sampling Data report has been added where aliquots are re-analysed; the report now has an option to show old and new values.

Both prospective and existing customers can obtain a demonstration of the new features by contacting

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