Free brochure has answers to fast LC problems

24 January 2008

New literature from LabLogic Systems identifies problems often encountered by radio-chromatographers using Fast LC in order to achieve better resolution, and describes how they can be overcome.

The brochure explains why many of the key features of the method - shorter and smaller columns, shorter runs, low mobile phase flows and sharper peaks with narrower widths - are beyond the measurement capability of conventional radio-HPLC radio flow-through detectors.

LabLogic's answer is the Beta-RAM Micro, a new development of the proven, market-leading Beta-RAM tailor-made for Fast LC available in separate versions for use with liquid scintillators and packed cells. The advantages and drawbacks of both methods are discussed and solutions offered.

Other issues on which guidance is offered include implications for the scintillant pump, scintillator / mobile phase ratios and cell size.

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