Multi-skilled microplate reader finds many applications

7 January 2008

The Chameleon V microplate reader is the only instrument of its kind. It incorporates six different detection technologies and uses fibreless detection geometry to guarantee the highest performance from all of them.

No surprise then that it is finding a growing range of applications. Cell signalling and viability, enzyme kinetics, toxicity and drug screening, study of protein structures and functions, immunoassays, protein and nucleic acid quantification, gene expression, the detection of ATP and reactive oxygen species are among the many on the list.

But this versatility is not for everyone; some users need only one or two of the functions initially. That's why LabLogic Systems is offering the reader on a modular basis, with the option to add others as the need arises.

Users can start with, for example, a microplate luminometer and invest in fluorescence and absorbance technologies later when their research progresses.

The full version adds radiometric and non-radiometric detection, temperature controlled incubation, and onboard injectors.

The Plate Chameleon has a footprint only slightly bigger than a laptop, so it fits in everywhere and is easy to transport. You can run it from its own keypad or a PC, and download the results to the sophisticated Hidex MikroWin Data Analysis Software, MS Excel or other data reduction programs.

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