Netherlands CRO chooses LabLogic detector/software package

15 December 2008

Dutch CRO NOTOX BV has installed a Beta-RAM 4 radio flow-through detector and Laura 4 data collection and analysis software from LabLogic Systems at its 's-Hertogenbosch laboratories.

The investment has allowed the company to standardise its radio HPLC facilities by using Laura to control both the BetaRAM and an existing flow-through radio detector from another manufacturer.

NOTOX analytical chemist Klaas Stienstra explained the need for the instrument. "Our environmental fate studies are generally performed with radio-labelled compounds," he said, "so our radio-lab is fully equipped to perform mass balance studies using LSC, as well as to determine the formation of relevant metabolites by chromatographic separation on TLC and/or HPLC in combination with radio-detection."

"We chose the Beta-RAM 4 because it has a low background level and a high efficiency, which makes it ideal for detecting low concentrations of radio-labelled compounds. Combining the detector with Laura makes it a powerful analytical tool for metabolite analysis. The easy exchange of flow-cells, which we need when analysis is done by the high speed LC (UPLC) that NOTOX specialises in, also influenced our preference."

LabLogic systems director Dr Huw Loaring said: "NOTOX is a new client for us, and we aim to establish and strengthen this relationship by providing the latest and most modern equipment backed by unprecedented support."

"It represents a further strengthening of LabLogic's position in the European radio chromatography market and is also an example of the synergies that customer can call upon as a consequence of our acquisition last year of IN/US, the manufacturer of Beta-RAM."

Founded in 1983, NOTOX BV is part of a worldwide group of autonomous companies employing a total of more than 900 people, with over 300 at the 's-Hertogenbosch site. The group specialises in toxicology research for registration of new pharmaceutical and (agro)chemical products. Further information on NOTOX BV can be found at

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