Pharma chooses stop-flow for greater radio-HPLC accuracy

16 July 2009

A recent order received by LabLogic Systems shows that radiochromatographers see its stop-flow controller SoFie as an essential component of an effective radio HPLC system.

The customer - an international chemical and pharmaceutical group active in more than 50 countries - has specified SoFie alongside the company’s Beta-RAM on-line flow-through detector and Laura data collection and analysis software.

The system is being installed at the group’s pharmaceutical research facility in the Netherlands with a view to achieving greater accuracy in the counting of low activity samples.

SoFie is controlled by a special stop-flow module in the Laura software. It replaces time consuming and expensive Liquid Scintillation Counting, so there is no need to collect column eluant for further analysis and no risk of sample loss or incomplete transfer.

Conveniently, SoFie can be introduced into any functioning HPLC system with no change in method parameters. Retention times are consistent with excellent reproducibility.

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