Radio-HPLC detector demo shows peaks in real time

9 July 2009

Chromatographers wanting to see the latest in radio-HPLC flow-through detection should book their place on LabLogic Systems' demonstration tour for the new Model 5 Beta-RAM, which has been making waves across the UK, Switzerland and Holland and will soon be seen in France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

The stand-out feature of the demonstrations is the Beta-RAM's unique Active Counting Mode, which is compatible with the latest UHPLC methodologies and uses a simplified heterodyne model to monitor and adjust run conditions in real time. The result is better signal-to-noise ratios for low-level samples than are possible with conventional radio HPLC, yet in the same timeframe.

Also of note are the SoFie stop-flow function (now on-board rather than a plug-in extra), re-designed flow cells with reduced dead volume for faster resolution and sharper peak definition, and USB ports for all PC connections. Safety has been given high priority, with internal and external sensors to detect leaks and a new arrangement for isolating any stray fluids from the electronics.

As well as demonstrating the Beta-RAM 5 itself (and the Laura radiochromatography software that controls all the equipment in the system), LabLogic's product specialists explain their ability to validate hardware and software and, where necessary, have the system operational within days - all backed by the company's unrivalled technical support and service.

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