Plate reader is the best available - with something extra till April

29 January 2010

The Chameleon V plate reader from LabLogic Systems is the most sensitive and versatile on the market - a compact and modular platform on which both radiometric and non-radiometric assays can be carried out with equal ease.

Buyers choose whichever combination of its seven measurement technologies best suits their purpose: liquid scintillation counting, direct mode luminescence, filter mode luminescence, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarisation, time-resolved fluorescence and absorbance.

For luminescence, the Chameleon is by far the most sensitive available thanks to its unique combination of dual PMT design and direct optics. It can read Microtiter plates from 6 to 384 wells, and there are also options for well scanning and multiplexing.

All models are supplied with MikroWin Lite 2000 instrument control software, a built-in linear shaker, and - until 5th April 2010 - the choice of a free sample injector, temperature control unit or (for models including fluorescence and absorbance technologies) an additional filter set.

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