LabLogic radiochromatography systems assist cancer antibody trials

2 December 2010

The Cancer Sciences Division of Southampton University School of Medicine is using radio-HPLC and radio-TLC systems from LabLogic in the development and quality control of radio-labelled antibody conjugates undergoing clinical trials for treating haematological malignancies.

The HPLC system incorporates an Agilent quaternary pump, an auto-degasser and a thermostatically controlled column compartment. "We have had the equipment for ten months now, and it has proved to be a sensitive and reliable upgrade from our previous system,"” says John Langford, head of the laboratory.

"It is always easy to use, whether we are measuring the gamma emissions of 111indium or the beta emissions of 90yttrium. And the speed and ease of use of LabLogic'’s Laura radiochromatography software means that results are available immediately after the end of each run."

"We often correlate our results to ITLC for confirmation, and here we’re finding that the LabLogic radio-TLC scanner provides more detail than the ‘cut and count’ method. It makes it easier to locate peaks and discriminate between them and it uses the same Laura software, which is very convenient."

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