Laura 4.1.3 makes chromatograms clearer and background subtraction easier

5 July 2011

The new 4.1.3 release of LabLogic’s industry-standard radiochromatography system Laura brings users a host of new features to help chromatographers interpret and report results, and support for more than twenty additional instruments.

Amongst the new features is an annotations function to allow the researcher to include text or even an image anywhere in the chromatogram. This could be a chemical structure, or even the company logo.

Additional functionality has been added to the background subtraction tools to allow the chromatographer to subtract a background reference file such as a blank injection post run. This gives the researcher yet another highly relevant tool to handle background subtraction.

Functionality has also been added to allow chromatographers to merge or split adjacent peaks to allow for easier and effective peak integration.

The reporting of raw data values when importing LSC or plate reader files has been improved to allow multiple values per row to reduce report size.

Laura 4.1.3 extends to the list of instruments supported to include Agilent’s GC6850 GC system and 1290 and 1260 LC series; LabLogic’'s own Flow-RAM and Scan-RAM HPLC detectors (including dual units); new detectors, pumps and valves from Knauer, and the Foxy range of fraction collectors from Teledyne.

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