Promising first year for Debra 6

17 January 2013

One year on since the launch of Debra 6, LabLogic are pleased to report that 3 sites have upgraded to the latest release with another brand new customer and several additional sites currently evaluating the system with a view to upgrading early this year.

“It has been pleasing to see the strength in demand for the new product after investing several man-years of development”, commented Richard Brown, Managing Director of LabLogic. “Solutions for radiolabelled metabolism work remain a core part of our business and Debra continues to offer exceptional customer value.”

“There are a number of reasons why groups are looking at Debra 6,” said Huw Loaring, Systems Director at LabLogic. “Pharmaceutical groups are looking for better ways by which they can exchange metabolism data from their CROs. Debra 6 offers easy data exchange of in vivo data collected at a contract laboratory enabling the sponsor to continue data analysis without the need for using intermediate Excel spreadsheets.”

“We are also seeing interest from environmental metabolism groups. The growth of work being done to provide eFate data means that these customers are looking to speed up their data processing, in particular complex sample extractions which can be mapped using Debra. To meet this need we will have a major update dedicated to this area incorporating our legacy Trace system into Debra which will be ready for release in the first half of 2013.”

“Finally, IT groups are now looking to move to the latest platforms of Windows 7 and Oracle 11, as such Debra 6 has been designed for use on these platforms.”

“One other exciting development that LabLogic are looking to provide in the near future is to offer Debra in a hosted environment where our solution will be available as an all-inclusive service. This will include all maintenance, hardware and validation issues which will be covered by an annual fee for user access.”

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