Whatever your discipline, there is a liquid scintillation counter in the 300 SL range to suit every need

8 January 2013

Working in life science research, radiochemistry or radiation protection? Then the standard model 300 SL is the perfect solution. Compact, lightweight and easily integrated into small laboratories this model offers optimum counting efficiency of samples without any external or internal standard source of radioactivity.

However, if you are dealing with more challenging samples, such as those often found in environmental research, then you will be pleased to know that there is a 300 SL Low Level unit available. Fitted with low level PMT's this model provides outstanding results whilst offering all the benefits of the standard model.

Taking it to another level, the increased lead shielding and external plastic scintillation guard detector featured in the 300 SL Super Low Level Liquid Scintillation Counter, provide a constant extra low level background to facilitate extremely good counting efficiency for low level isotopes such as tritium. This instrument is ideal for work such as low level environmental radioisotope monitoring, radiocarbon dating or biofuel verification.

If you are looking for an instrument which provides even greater analysis capabilities, such as those in use in metrological institutes, then the 300 SL is also available in a dedicated metrology configuration.

Each version of the 300 SL can be supplied with a range of options including alpha/beta separation, temperature control to stabilise measurement conditions, alternative tray sizes and a sample stacking system - which can be added or removed as and when the demand for high throughput counting arises.

Free, no obligation demonstrations of this adaptable instrument are available. To book one simply contact Scott Baker and see the benefits of the 300 SL for yourself.

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