Why Filters Produce the Best Results Using the Hidex Sense.

24 January 2018

The extended filter set for the Hidex Sense luminescence microplate reader provides 24 optical filters. This covers the majority of the wavelength spectrum and still leaves 8 spaces for custom filters. As the filters are common size you wouldn't even have to buy these from us, unlike other microplate reader manufacturers who can charge these at a premium. 

One of the main reasons people often choose a monochromator based instrument as opposed to a filter based microplate reader, is for its ability to select any desired wavelength and bandwidth. However, all commonly used  microplate reader filters have been optimised for the commercial dyes on the market. This means there is no need to iteratively change these settings, especially when the hard work has already been done for you.
The filters are not used for measuring absorbance and instead a spectrograph is used which covers the entire spectrum. 
For more information, watch our video on how the spectrum for absorbance works or find out more about the Hidex Sense microplate reader

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